Bagged gypsum    

25kg Meningie Gypsum bagInspired by the response to bulk gypsum, Meningie Gypsum embarked on a bagging venture in early 2000. Selective mining of the lower gypsum layer at Elephant Lake has produced a white very high grade product. The bagging plant is in the township of Meningie.

Bags are available in 10kg and 25kg units. The bagged gypsum is Premium grade with 94% purity and an ultra fine grain size. Particles average finer than 0.1mm.

Retailers include hardware shops and garden centres. See the list of retail stores at right which stock bagged product. Please let us know if you can’t find our product at your local hardware or garden shop, or ask the proprietor to contact us.

Please contact us if you are an interstate or overseas retailer.

The distinctive white bags with green and brown labelling have been received with enthusiasm in the market place. The bags are the only ones in Australia to be correctly labelled as far as state regulations demand. Furthermore, the company produces and distributes the best bagged gypsum available.

Premium gypsum
Premium gypsum for our bagged product