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Braeview Primary School
SA Potatoes
Grant Lyon Fertilizers
Adelaide Mushrooms
Barrow & Bench Mitre 10
The Hume Highway

Braeview Primary School kitchen gardenBraeview Primary School joined the the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation in April 2012. This program links cooking classes with vegetables and fruit grown in the school garden. When the garden was first established, the soil consisted of hard baked barren clay. Groundsman Heath Huckstepp treated the soil intensively by rotary hoe and addition of copious doses of MENINGIE GYPSUM interspersed with wood chips, mushroom compost and clean sand. At the start, there were no worms but they are now prolific and the school children are now able to dig the ground with hand tools. The results have been stunning with high quality vegetables available at the back door to the school kitchen.

Jane Lamprey (gardener) says of the school's garden: "I have never known vegetables to be so large yet so delicious". Phil Duygen (consulting horticulturalist): "The garden is a tribute to Jane and Heath and the use of the best gypsum in Australia".

This company is a major grower of potatoes for South Australia and the Eastern States. At Peebinga in the Murray Mallee, SA Potatoes has around 520Ha under crop this season. Farm Manager Alistair Walmsley -Copham is well pleased with the crop response to the application of MENINGIE GYPSUM which he says is a very consistent product that spreads easily.

This company is based at Strathalbyn in the Adelaide Hills. It has been an agent and spreader for our gypsum for a number of years. Grant says “MENINGIE GYPSUM is the best gypsum we have handled. Once spread, it dissolves quickly into the soil and works rapidly at treating sodic soils. It is highly effective on crops, vineyards and pastures."

For a number of years MENINGIE GYPSUM has supplied regular truckloads of gypsum to the composting plant at the Adelaide Mushrooms farm in Monarto near Murray Bridge. Adelaide Mushrooms is South Australia’s largest producer of mushrooms. The company also has compost works near Devonport in Tasmania where MENINGIE GYPSUM is used.

This hardware and garden shop, in the Adelaide suburb of Malvern, was the first metropolitan centre to sell MENINGIE GYPSUM in bags, in early 2000. They have been a loyal supporter of our product and sell no other gypsum brands. The Garden Manager, Fiona Loveday, says “Customers are impressed with the fineness and purity of MENINGIE GYPSUM and keep coming back for this Premium product".

The Hume Highway is the main inland route connecting Sydney and Melbourne. The ABI GROUP, a major highway construction company, has the contract to build a bypass around the town of Holbrook in southern New South Wales. It has utilized MENINGIE GYPSUM, supplied in bulkabags, to flocculate suspended clay in 30 basins associated with the construction. The water is released following the attainment of compliance targets.

MENINGIE GYPSUM , as an absorbent, is supplied to a company which markets a proprietary organic blend to clients Australia wide for use in spill control.